Schubert Avakian (born on July 17, 1968) is an Iranian-born Armenian musician, instrumentalist, and music arranger residing in Los Angeles, United States. He is known for his remarkable work as a composer and arranger, collaborating with numerous renowned Persian pop musicians such as Shahram Shabpareh, Hassan Shamaizadeh, Habib, Ebi, Googoosh, Vigen, Leila Forouhar, Shahram Solati, Andy, Mansour, and Sepideh. His contributions have added depth and richness to the Iranian music industry.

Schubert Avakian was born in Tehran. Since childhood, his parents encouraged him in music, to the extent that he received his first keyboard at the age of 4 from his aunt. When Shojaakian was 11 years old, he started practicing music with his 15-year-old brother, Gilbert. Their joint dedication and practice laid the foundation for their musical journey.

Schubert learned piano from a renowned piano instructor named Isaac. At the age of 15, he began playing the instrument in a band. When he turned 18, he started delving into Iranian music and even attended one of Vigen's concerts. Eventually, he migrated from Germany to the United States, where he joined the group Black Cats and became involved in songwriting and music arrangement. At the age of 20, he gained recognition for composing the hit song "Vaadeh" for Leila Forouhar.

Schubert Avakian

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